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A permanent smart bonding system
and agility for your designs which is solvent-free and
does not use liquid glues .

World's most innovative Eco-Freindly Bonding System...

Make Bonding most efficient Process In your production

We did it first,
We do it better

We have been the first to introduce the most advanced innovations in the technologies of the bonding systems, meeting the highest standards for productivity, for the quality of the final products, for the health of the workers and of the consumers, and for the environment where each of us lives and works everyday.

That’s why, since 1921, we have been creating bonding systems for the best clients in the world.

Kyotex System works ?

In-line and

No fixed workstation
No fume hoods

Allows to prepare
insoles in different times

Kyotex System works ?

Easy to use.
Doesn't need specialized labour.

One operator
for all the different lines

Non stop

Why you have to choose
Kyotex System

Technical Advantages





Quality Accuracy Resistance

Organizational Advantages

Bonding posibilities out-line

No down times

Stocking of the
pre-glued insole ready to use

Economical Advantages

Increasing of production


Labour saving

No costs connected to safety

Ecological and safety advantages

Solvent free, transparent and hypoallergenic insole

Health and Well being of the end user

Prevention of occupational diseases

Reduction of fire and explosion risks. No flammable fumes

about applications ?

Accessories Applications

Credit card slot

Wallet pocket assembling

Front side bag

Bag handle’s elements

Footwear Applications

Heel covering

Insole bonding

Customized application on sneakers

Application of Semi finished insole material

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  • 400K+

    Number of product quantity sold till date.
  • 100+

    Product SKUs to solve challenges of our customers.
  • 5000+

    Repeat orders by esteemed customers

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Do you have a query or want to go through some case studies or may be want to discuss your specific custom requirements?

Our Adhesive Expert Neerav Harlalka would like to help you.

+91 9836107266  

Live test the caliber of our products

Request for free product demo

Let us contact you to understand your requirements and deliver the sample product of your choice.