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Footwear Applications

Insole System

The Kyotex® system is based on an innovate and high performing selfadhesive tape; it matches Kyo machines to pairs of adhesive tapes suitable for bonding any type of material. Kyotex System® is characterized by great versatility and cleaning properties; it guarantees a better quality and a significant increase in the production rate. Since 2007, the year it was created, Kyotex® has been bonding over a billion insoles with 2000 machineries in 50 countries. The system is covered by a patent in Europe and in most of the producing countries.

Heel covering
Insole bonding
Application of semifi nished insole material
Customized application on sneakers

The Adhesives

  • Footwear -The range of Kyotex® complementary effect tapes allows the footwear producers to identify the most suitable adhesive to various surfaces.

I Plus
Kyotex System


Safe bonding, even offline, with the same adhesive cap


Special technical skills by the workers are not required


It fits any shape in various degrees of thickness


It does not require further cleaning operations and it protects the insoles during the work cycle


The same grammage and definition are guaranteed in each application


100% solid adhesive, solvent free and without harmful emissions

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