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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do you turn on the machine?

1. connect the power plug (220 volt)

2. switch on the machine with the main swithc

3. release the mushroom emergency button|

4. select the forward travel direction

2) How do you disassemble the machine?

Please watch the KYO 100 guide video, chapter 2

3) How to assemble the machine?

Please watch the KYO 100 guide video, chapter 3

4) How to replace the rolls?

Please watch the KYO 100 guide video, chapter 4

5) What is the maximum processable insole thickness?

It depends on the material. Up to 2-3 mm with rigid support (non-compressible) and up to 6 mm with compressible support.

6) How do you set the pressure of the rollers?

By means of the crank from the operator side, following the general rule (valid for leather): each mm of thickness, 1 lap less starting from the maximum pressure

7) How do you remove the adhesive along perimeter of the insole?

Increasing the pressure and entering the insole in more useful way possible (it dipends on the insole shape).

8) How do you remove wrinkles from papers?

Lowering the pressure between the main rollers.

9) Why the machine doesn’t work?


- the power wire is connected to the socket;

- turn the power switch to the “ON” position;

- turn the red knob of the emergency stop button;

- gear selector to “FORWARD” position;

- rollers protection in properly position.

10) How do you align the rollers?

Please watch the KYO 100 guide video, chapter 5.

11) Which is the best product?

- There is not a best product.

- The strength of the adhesive it depends on the material you are bonding.

12) How many pairs of insoles can I make with one box?

It depends on the length of the insole, but the calculation it’s easy

For example, in average, for woman shoes, you can put 4 insoles per meter, so, in 1000 mt you can have 4000 insoles, 2000 pairs.

13) Witch is the cost per pair?

Also here it’s just a simple calculation. Cost of the box/ number of pair per box

14) Can I use the Kyotex System in other applications (leather goods)?

Of course. Kyotex System® was born for the shoe market, but his versatility, cleanness and ease of use, permits to use it also in the leather market if you sew (always remember that the tape was studied for the resistance to the shear).

15) Why it’s a good material if you sew?

Because it’s a solid adhesive, very thin and resistant to very high temperature. This permits to the needle not to get dirty as much as with the liquid glues. Moreover, the machine gives uniformly the adhesive long all the area of the insole.

16) How many people do I need for the machine?

Just one. The KYO 100 machine it’s an outside line machine. With just one person you can adhesivize the insoles for all the different lines.

17) Does this person need to be specialized?

No. The machine has been studied in order to be easily used by everyone.

18) Which is the resistance to temperature?

All the technical information about the adhesive are reported in the TDS. It resist from -40 ° C to + 160 ° C

19) For how long can I keep the insole on the paper?

In case of offline system for factories which have large productions the socks and insoles could glued and kept for 12 months.

20) Do I need to clean the machine?

No. We only suggest to cover at the end of the day the pat of exposed adhesive in order not to waste it.

21) Which is the best way apply the insole?

The best way to apply the insole it’s from the hell to the toe (like you can see on the video on our web site)

In order to simplify this operation, because the adhesive in water proof, if you whet with just some water the surface of the insole, the glue looses his adhesion and becomes slippery and helps the insertion of the insole. When the water evaporates, the adhesive reactivates and regains its adhesivness.

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